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Transform your outdoor space into an elegant and functional refuge

Saxun Bioclimatic Pergolas are structures designed to provide aesthetic and functional solutions in outdoor spaces.

Achieve a balance between technological innovation for thermal comfort and contemporary design.

Live every moment to the fullest, protected by the excellence and versatility of Saxun.

Installations in a few days without construction work.

Why choose Saxun for your bioclimatic pergolas?

More than 60 years of experience Since 1959 in the industry.
We know what we're doing.

Quality Materials The stability and robustness of this extruded aluminum structure allow the installation of other Saxun solutions.

Certifications Guarantee of trust, quality, and sustainability.

Environmental Care Sustainable materials and carbon footprint compensation.

Custom Configuration

Side closures

The stability and robustness of this extruded aluminum structure allow the installation of other Saxun solutions to increase the possibilities of your space.

All Saxun Bioclimatic Pergolas can be enclosed on all sides, with various options.

Glass curtains:

allowing you to feel protected and comfortable as in an indoor space, but without giving up outdoor views.


allowing the opening of the space, both by folding the leaves and by opening the slats.

Vertical awnings with ZIP System like our Wind Screen:

when installed perimetrically, it will create a barrier against more horizontal solar incidence and provide privacy and intimacy.


boxes like Kiara, extending the solar protection of the pergola.


The way do you imagine it

When your comfort is important to you, certain solutions emerge, such as the Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola, that allows you to enjoy your living space more intensely, regardless of the time of day or the season of the year.

Smart comfort

We work with the leading brands in home automation to offer you the most intelligent solutions on the market, making everyday life easier. Create the ambience that suits you with a simple gesture from any mobile device.
Saxun. At the cutting edge of comfort

Price of bioclimatic pergolas

Exploring the different options of Saxun bioclimatic pergolas is the first step towards transforming your outdoor space. We offer an unparalleled range of solutions that not only enhance the aesthetics of your environment but also elevate your outdoor experience.

To get details on prices and customize the perfect option for you, contact us today. Discover how elegance, quality, and comfort can be affordable with our Saxun Bioclimatic Pergolas. Your personal oasis awaits.

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