Bioclimatic Pergola

The great allies of hospitality professionals.

Enjoy this new way of imagining the terrace, which lets you use it for your customers all year round at a naturally regulated temperature.
Economical, Energy-Efficient and Expandable. The three E's your business must have.
Economical: a far cry from the big outlay involved in traditional enclosures, with all the usual disruption from building works.
Energy-Efficient: thanks to their bioclimatic action, your customers will be able to enjoy the ideal temperature at all times, with no need to invest in air conditioning or heating.
Expandable: As modular structures, our bioclimatic pergolas can be extended to cover very large areas, however big. Increasing the physical size of your premises and saying goodbye to traditional summer-only terraces.
Saxun. Smart comfort.

Star protection of spaces

Establishments like those of Martín Berasategui, which we are proud to provide with shade.

“Trusting in Saxun means trusting in a team that, thanks to its experience and dedication, manages to bring life and soul to the technology in its projects.

Such needs are worthy of spaces that are recognised all over the world”.

Martín Bersategui, Chef.

Let them
feel safe

Our state-of-the-art lacquering process follows international quality requirements for aluminium to give the highest performance.
Our state-of-the-art extrusion system means that we can preserve the properties of aluminium, maintaining a high-quality, hard-wearing, weather-resistant product, even in extreme conditions.
Integrating with the style of your business, or creating a totally disruptive environment, Saxun Bioclimatic Pergolas have become the star solution for the expansion of spaces in this industry.

The way do you imagine it

When your comfort is important to you, certain solutions emerge, such as the Saxun Bioclimatic Pergola, that allows you to enjoy your living space more intensely, regardless of the time of day or the season of the year.

Customised configuration

Side closures

The stability and robustness of this extruded aluminium structure allows the installation of other Saxun solutions to increase the possibilities of your space.

All Saxun Bioclimatic Pergolas can be enclosed on all sides, with options such as:

Glass Curtains: enable you to feel protected and comfortable, just like in an indoor room, while still being able to enjoy those outdoor vistas.

Shutters: allow the space to be opened up, both by folding down the leaves and by opening the slats.

Vertical awnings with Zip System, like our Wind Screen: installed on the perimeter, it will create a barrier against the most horizontal solar incidence, and will provide privacy and intimacy.

Awnings:both coffers and Kiara, extending the sun protection of the pergola.

Glass curtains
Vertical awnings with ZIP System
Guided Awning

100% customised quality finishes

In order to adapt to any aesthetic requirement, or to create totally disruptive spaces, we offer you a wide range of colours, guaranteeing excellent performance against solar rays, rain or snow, thanks to the quality of the aluminum, the paint used, and the lacquering process itself.

Smart comfort

We work with the leading brands in home automation to offer you the most intelligent solutions on the market, making everyday life easier. Create the ambience that suits you with a simple gesture from any mobile device.
Saxun. At the cutting edge of comfort

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