P-190 is a carefully designed pergola with modern lines. A solid aluminium structure with orientable slats, offering the best resistance against snow and rain loads, etc.

It has endless modulation possibilities, which added to the quality of its materials makes it the perfect solution for solar protection, ideal for adapting and enhancing every architectural style where.


Breathable, watertight cover

Orientable slats, from 0° to 135°.

Different mounting types

Tailored manufacturing.

Working slat dimensions

165x40 mm

Maximum dimensions

(type 4 columns)
High: 3,000 mm, wide: 4,200 mm, long: 6,200 mm.

Registered perimeter sealing system against sideways rain and vibration due to gusts of wind

Channeling of rainwater

Free-flow drainage or slab channeling.


Hidden drains and electrical lines.


6063 T5 aluminium, stainless steel and polyacetal (POM).

Motorised operation

A 24Vdc motor (low voltage) provides better safety against electric shock. Additional earthing protection.


In accordance with specifications for Qualicoat, Qualideco and Qualanod. RAL colour, anodized or wood effect finishes are available.

Registered perimeter sealing

A registered system that works against sideways rain and prevents direct and/or reflected light from going through the joints between the slats and the frame.


Watertight system

There is a rubber sealing integrated into the slats, which ensures the watertightness of the pergola, since it does not allow water into the joints between slats.

At the same time, it cancels the noise created between the slats due to the vibration caused by wind.

Motorised operation

The pergola can be operated only by motorisation, using a 24 Vdc motor. This will also ensure your safety against electric shock, with the additional safety of earthing protection.

The motorised element is discretely hidden between the slats and the frame, promoting the beauty of the pergola.



The roof of our pergolas is made of completely automated orientable slats. A mobile roof that allows a range of inclinations from 0° to 135°, which permits the optimisation of sunlight, making the most of daylight hours during the day.

It protects us from the most harmful solar radiation, while refreshing the area with natural convection whenever it is necessary. The slats are provided with a rubber seal, which prevents water from getting inside the pergola when it rains.


The roof is closed and offers total protection against the most harmful solar radiation, as well as the most extreme weather.

It enables the perfect ventilation of the room, making a shade when it is sunny, or protecting from the water when it rains.


You will enjoy natural ventilation, controlling the direction and intensity of sun rays.


The slab opening allows making total use of the sun, even on days with not a lot of light.


The maximum inclination that lets sunlight in when the sun is already setting.


The design of the P-190 and P-150 slats allows rainwater to be collected in order to reuse it. Water is channelled towards the lateral frames, without the need to slope to drain.

In this way, it also helps to protect the furniture located under the pergola, because it prevents stored rainwater from falling onto your furniture once the slats are moved again, using different sensors.


In the case of free-flow drainage, water is expelled freely by means of two columns towards the surface where the pergola is mounted, through the holes intended for that use.


The channeling integrated inside allows rainwater to be evacuated for later recovery. During the construction of the slab, prior to mounting the pergola, the pre-installation of draining pipes must be taken into account.


Saxun's bioclimatic pergolas can be equipped with accessories to optimise their use. Accessories with which you can achieve a higher degree of customisation, completely adapted to your needs.

Somfy automatic systems

The use of the pergola is very easy and comfortable, and thanks to the automatic systems by Somfy, you will also be able to manage its operation remotely.

TaHoma will allow you, regardless of where you are, to control your pergola together with the rest of elements in your home of business, in a quick and easy way.

Thanks to the download of the app for your mobile, tablet or computer, and with an Internet connection, you will change the orientation of the slats, turn on the lighting (and change its intensity) and the heating, and operate your Wind Screen or awning, which should have a wind sensor so as not to wear down the structure.


LED lighting

This type of illumination distributes light homogeneously. It adapts to different requirements, to the need to create different atmospheres, since it allows the regulation of light.

Bluetooth sound system

LListening to music outdoors is really easy. You will be able to play music from any Bluetooth device, smartphone or tablet through the wireless connection in a simple manner, needing only an App to manage this system.

Infrared heating equipment

Thanks to the installation of these heating systems, you can extend your stay across the day, and also make use of the pergola even on the coldest days.


Wind Screen

Our Wind Screen range, besides offering protection and a higher degree of privacy, allow sunlight to keep entering through the upper part of the pergola. It is a blind, designed especially for outdoors use which, thanks to its system of zipper rails, can tolerate strong gusts of wind. The opening and closing of the Wind Screen can be done through the same automatic system that controls the operation of the pergola, ensuring a perfect closing.

With a great aesthetic value, and thanks to the design of the new boxes, the Wind Screen adapts perfectly to the most demanding requirements. But the level of customisation of your blind will be unlimited, thanks to the wide range of fabrics and the many colours and finishes offered by Saxun.



Our pergolas, just like the rest of our products, are subjected to a variety of tests in our labs in order to check their resistance and behaviour under every type of circumstance.

Tests done following the requirements of International Standards involving parameters such as wind resistance and rainfall or snowfall demonstrate the excellent performance of our bioclimatic pergolas against the most adverse conditions.

Standard UNE-EN 13659:2004+A class 6 (aprox. 112 km/h) tested up to 190 km/h without breaking within test bench parameters.

≤100 kg/m2 (including its own weight) Standard EN-1999 EUROCODE 9 aluminium structures project..

Standard UNE-EN 12056-3, (0,03 l/s max.) constant heavy rain aprox. 108 l.m2/h (structures + slats).



We offer many colours and finishes for our pergolas, with a wide range of colours in the RAL chart, anodised and wood-finish lacquers, and layered or textured colours.

Colours and finishes with the guarantee required for the major seals of quality.



These finishes, apart from offering an elegant touch, also provide perfect resistance against climatic agents and UV radiation.

RAL 9016
RAL 9010
RAL 1013
RAL 2150 sable
RAL 6009
RAL 7016
RAL 7035
RAL 8017
RAL 9005

The shades of these colours are for guidance only. There could be a difference from the actual colour due to the printing process.